Why is physical fitness important for you?

You should know that a person who is fit to living their file into their fullest can be said as a fit person. Physical and mental fitness plays an important role which is very important in your life and people who are mentally and physically fit were less to specific medical conditions. Of course, you can check the short articles on health and fitness for more insights. 

So, what is fitness? 

You should know fitness does only refer to the physical health, but also it refers to the mental condition as well. If someone was physically healthy but mentally unwell then he or she cannot be well functioned. Mental fitness can only be reached if your body can work or function properly. You should help to soothe your mind first and remove any stress by regularly exercising and eating properly. 

Why you should be physically fit? 

People who were physically fit can be said to be healthier, it also can maintain a relaxed mind, someone should be physically active. Someone who fit physically and mentally is pretty strong to fight against the ups and downs of life and do not affected by the drastic changes if occur. 

How can you be physically fit? 

So, become physically healthy and fit needs lifestyle changes as well. You have to include a routine exercise in your life and you need to eat healthy foods as well. By avoiding junk food, bad habits, fizzy drinks like alcohol or smoking, of course, you need to get enough sleep as well. You will be physically and mentally fit. Just removing all those food substances out of your life, no matter how temporary is, you can let your body detox and you will be stronger. 

Ensure that you spend more time outside of your home under the sun rays. And fresh air and take the parts in more healthy activities, such as bicycling, fishing, hiking, swimming and so on. You have to be a part of your fit lifestyle. 

How to maintain your fitness and health? 

There are so many ways to keep your fitness and health. Specific activities should be followed every day such as routine physical exercise. It can be a simple activity such as climbing stairs to workspace rather than taking an elevator or walking more than riding a car to go to different places. To know more about fit and healthy information, you can check a short article on health and fitness.

New Latest Fashion Dress for Your 2020 Preparation

new latest fashion dress trends will change every year following the development of fashion. Usually, the changes are a matter of motif and color. As for 2020, the trend of dresses is predicted to be more directed to the chic type.

Therefore, the matters of motives and colors must be bolder and more youthful. This can be seen from the collection of dresses displayed in various fashion shows such as world fashion. Chic dresses generally will be more applied with other fashion that is simpler, so that the wearer looks younger and fashionable.

A dress with a knitwear

Knitted dresses are a material and fashion trend that will be widely used in fashion alloys in 2020. Dresses with this type are claimed to be excellent in the spring and summer. Its use is simple, but snag at suitable with a warm atmosphere outside the room will add a chic impression on the dress. Oh, don’t forget to also add accessories in the form of outer or belt at the waist, to enrich the mode that you wear.

The latest model with a tiered dress

Unlike the knitted dresses, which are usually used during warm seasons, tiered dresses are more used for a chic yet formal impression. This trend is said to be something that is simultaneously used by renowned designers. Many new latest fashion dress releases in 2020 will carry this formal and elegant chic theme. This tiered or stacked dress will come in a variety of colors. Starting from the basic colors like black, brown and white. But many are braver to wear bright colors so that it looks chicer.

All genuine and imitation leather will be a trend for 2020.

The basic ingredients of leather will never die. Because in 2020 the basic ingredients of this one dress are still a favorite of designers. It is said that the basic ingredients of the skin will be very qualified to show the chic side in a person. Supported with distinctive colors like brown, black, which are then juxtaposed with bolder colors. The basic ingredients of leather in 2020 will be something crazy.

Now that’s some type of new latest fashion dress that is likely to be a trend in 2020 because it has been included in the trial list of famous designers in the world. For those of you who like to wear dresses, this reference can be used as a mix and match material so that your style is always up to date!


Impact Factor of Animal Journal

animal journal impact factor might necessary especially when people are talking about animal science and research. Various kinds of animals are living in this world and many of them have been studied a lot. Nevertheless, we can make sure that there are still so many mysteries in the animal kingdom. Even after long research, some aspects of the most well-known animal can be still mysterious. Writing animal journals is necessary but it is not enough because the impact factor of the animal journal will also help to value the journal.


What is the impact factor? This might be the biggest question owned by many people. One thing for sure, the impact factor is necessary to determine because it will help people to indicate the importance of the animal journal to the animal kingdom field. The impact factor was introduced by Eugene Garfield and now it is used widely by clinicians and institutions. Many people think that the impact factor is associated with peer review process quality and journal content quality. However, it is more about the measurement for reflecting the citations average number to the article published in animal journals.


It is important to know more about the way animal journal impact factor is commonly used. It is used for evaluating the relative journal importance within the animal kingdom field. The average articles in the animal kingdom journal have been cites in a certain period. The impact factor is also used for measuring the frequency with this. If a journal has a higher impact factor, it means that it will be more important than the journal that has a lower impact factor. It is simply said that the impact factor will reflect the journal’s and editor’s ability to attract the best paper that is available. The maximum impact factor will be earned by the journal that publishes articles with more reviews.


Next, people might be asking about the way of calculating the animal journal impact factor. The calculation of animal journal impact factor and the impact factor of other journals can be done after the publication has been done in a minimum of three years. It means that people cannot calculate the impact factors of the newly published journals. After three years of publication, a journal can get an impact factor calculation from the average citation number received per article that has been published in the animal journal during the next two years. The result of the animal journal impact factor can be seen in Journal Citation Reports.